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Merritt Floral is a floral design studio based out of Kirkland, Washington. Born out of a lifelong obsession with flowers, color, makeup, and all things soft and beautiful, this little hobby became a business in late 2020 on a bit of a whim. With the support of my husband and four kids, my covid “baby” is now a full blown wedding and event floral business. I am enamored with the medium of creating with florals, adding a little magic to the atmosphere and beauty to each day, one arrangement at a time.

I graduated from the University of Washington in 2001 (go Huskies!). In the following years before we started our family, I worked as a regional makeup artist. I traveled throughout the West Coast, doing makeup, events, education, and weddings. During this time I gained my foundation in color and design. My style tended to be more soft, natural, and feminine. Enhancing beauty, rather than manufacturing it, was a trademark of my artistry. This same philosophy has translated into my floral work as well. 

Years later and with a family of four kids, I found myself wanting a way to contribute to the household. All my kids play multiple competitive sports… football, volleyball, basketball and weightlifting. At the beginning of the pandemic, I found myself playing with flowers and decided to experiment with selling my creations. Working with my hands and seeing the flowers come to life, gave me life. A few years later and here I am! Starting this business and becoming a floral designer has been a most unexpected yet wonderful surprise. 

Merritt Floral is a woman- owned, small business. We only take on 10-15 weddings per year and carefully select the couples we work with based on style, venue, aesthetic and size. We don’t do huge weddings… we like our events to feel intimate, cohesive and uniquely styled from start to finish. We are recognized for our soft, whimsical, romantic flowers and we specialize in creating beautiful events with a uniquely artistic floral aesthetic, blossoming with beauty.

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Sarah merritt

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We love boating and we love the water. We’ll chase the sun pretty much anywhere!

boating is life

I have 3 little dogs… Chewy, Obi, and Kilo. They bark too much but I’m obsessed with them. 

dog mama

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cold glass of rose? Especially after a long day on the water!

Rosé all day

I don't copy anyone else's work. I’m happy to use inspiration, but I find joy in creating something unique and distinctive for each and every event.

one of a kind

- vivianne phillips

Floral was one of my top priorities, next to photography, because I wanted my wedding to be very unique, and I wanted people to remember it. I was nervous because I’d heard from other people that floral is expensive.

At the beginning, I had a vision, which I realized very quickly wasn’t going to fit my budget. She was very flexible, giving my different options within or above my budget. She wasn’t pushy to make me pay more, but she actually wanted it to look good. She was very honest, and had my best interest in heart. She cares a lot, whereas I think other vendors just want to get the job done.

She’s one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with. Wedding or event planning is stressful, so when someone who is a big part of it, makes it so easy, it just feels so good.

-Katelyn z.

"I was immediately drawn to her style of floral artistry. It’s a little different than your standard wedding florals. Wedding bouquets can get stuffy and I love how loose and whimsical and wildflower-esque her style was.  When I was planning my wedding, floral was one area where I was going in blind. I had no idea what things would cost, and she was wonderful with helping me focus on the floral arrangements that would make the most impact within my budget.

Immediately I could tell she saw my vision, and I completely trusted her full creative. When I arrived on my wedding day, I was floored. The arch and arrangements were so much more than I could have dreamed of. Way different than what I was expecting but in a good way. We got so many compliments on the flowers being gorgeous and our bouquets. 

At the end of the day, we had gorgeous floral arrangements and Sarah is just so kind and easy to work with. That combination is 10/10 what you want when you're a bride trying to plan one of the biggest days of your life."

I felt like we were friends. She’s super professional and great at communicating. With other vendors, I’d go weeks without hearing from them or I’d have to reach out several times to get a response. With Sarah, I never had to worry what was happening, or if we were on track with the timeline or budget.

She listened to what was most important to me, and made sure every dollar counted where it mattered most. I know friends who’ve spent 3x as much as I did, so I was nervous that we wouldn’t have enough. But when I saw it in person I thought “wow. This is so much better than anything I pictured or found on Pinterest.” She is so creative, and unlike some vendors or photographers whose work all looks the same, you can tell she designs everything to the bride’s preference and style. I can’t say enough good things about her work and how much I like her as a person. I tell everyone, including my soon-to-be sister-in-law, they have to choose her!

- clare m.

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we'll get along if...

You want to make a memorable floral statement at your wedding or event
You value artistic excellence and the quality of your flowers .
You love seasonal foliage and a romantic, natural garden style.
You are planning a small to medium size wedding or intimate event.
You trust me to handle the details and bring your vision to life.

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