Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish

VIVianne & MITCHell


"Sarah did my sister’s wedding and I was obsessed, so I knew I had to work with her too. Floral was one of my top priorities, next to photography, because I wanted my wedding to be very unique, and I wanted people to remember it.

I was nervous because I’d heard from other people that floral is expensive. At the beginning, I had a vision, which I realized very quickly wasn’t going to fit my budget. She was very flexible, giving my different options within or above my budget. She wasn’t pushy to make me pay more, but she actually wanted it to look good. She was very honest, and had my best interest in heart. She cares a lot, whereas I think other vendors just want to get the job done.

I’m very type A and thought I wanted everything a certain way. I wanted minimal flowers with whites and green, but she suggested adding some color. At first I was reluctant, but she showed me her vision and I trusted her full creative. Everyone was amazed with how beautiful and unique the flowers turned out. It surpassed my dream, it
was so beautiful. Sarah was very communicative and easy to get ahold of if I needed something. She was really good at checking in with me and making sure she wasn’t overstepping. She’s amazing to work with, and she is so talented.

She was more than just a florist, she felt like a wedding planner, and a friend! Everyone should book her. She’s one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with. Wedding or event planning is stressful, so when someone who is a big part of it, makes it so easy, it just feels so good.

-Vivianne Phillips

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Sam and Sola Lee
VENUE: Lorde Hill Farms
PLANNER: Soon To Be Events